Belize - IBC Company Incorporation

Belize Company Incorporation

Belize Key points

  • Time - only 2 days to incorporate your company
  • Cost - a Belize company will cost £580
  • Directors - only one director of any nationality, is necessary for your company
  • Shareholders - only one shareholder of any nationality, is required
  • Share Capital - there are no minimum share capital requirements
  • Tax - exemption from taxation in Belize
  • Confidential - the names of directors and shareholders do not appear on public records
  • Support - using our 20 years experience we provide you with full expert assistance throughout every step of the company formation process


Belize is the only Commonwealth country in Central America. Modern offshore legislation provides for maximum flexibility in global asset protection, tax and investment planning. A Belize International Business Company (IBC) is a limited liability company which conducts it's trading and business outside Belize and is intended for offshore activities.

All IBC's are incorporated under the Belize International Companies Act and therefore exempt from tax and have extensive confidentiality for the directors and shareholders. This means the names and addresses are not stored in the Belize public record. Your IBC will need a registered office and registered agent in Belize.

Documents and Information

To start the incorporation of your offshore company in Belize we require the following:

  • The company name
  • Name and address of the directors
  • Name and address of the shareholders

Incorporating a Belize IBC

It takes 2 days to incorporate a company in Belize. After you have submitted the company name of your IBC to us, approval of the company name can be obtained within several hours. We then present the Memorandum and Articles of Association of the company to the Registrar, a Certificate of Incorporation will be issued and your new company is incorporated.


  • Directors may be of any nationality and may reside anywhere
  • Only one director is required
  • The names of directors do not appear on public record
  • There is no requirement to appoint a local resident director


  • Shareholders may be of any nationality and may reside anywhere
  • Only one shareholder is required, this can be the same person as the director
  • No upper limit to the number of shareholders
  • The shareholder can be a person or a corporation

Registered Office

You must have a registered agent and registered office in Belize - this is included our standard company formation price.

Share capital

The standard share capital for a Belize IBC is $50,000 USD. However, only one share of the share capital must be issued and paid up. Your company's share capital can be issued in any currency.

Company Records

Your company does not have to keep records in Belize and there is no requirement to file accounts or a financial statement.

Key features of a Belize IBC:

The legislation in Belize offers some of the most flexible features available today, with few incorporation requirements.

These include:

  • No company secretary is required
  • Disclosure of the beneficial owners is not required
  • Nominee shareholders are permitted
  • Exempt from the payment of local taxes
  • Shares may be issued with or without par value and in any currency
  • No statutory accounting or audit records need be kept or filed in Belize
  • No minimum paid-up capital requirements
  • The share register may only be inspected by a shareholder
  • Annual Government fee is only $100 when the authorised share capital is $50,000 or less
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