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Belize Company Documents

Belize Company Documents

We specialise in incorporating International Business Companies (IBC) in Belize and are very familiar with the documents available from the International Business Companies Registry.

International Business Companies Registry

As incorporation agents our experience and relationship with the International Business Companies Registry in tax exempt Belize means we can obtain copies of company documents. We are able to conduct a company name search and obtain company search reports and copies of official documents. To order company documents on a Belize company please complete the form on this page.

Belize Company Search Report

It is worth noting that Belize companies are not required to file information regarding share capital, shareholders, directors or annual accounts. They may voluntarily choose to do this however, ultimately affecting the amount of information you can retrieve in the company documents. A Belize company report will include basic details of the company, confirmation of its existence and list any further company information disclosed by the company.

  • Company Name
  • Company Registration Number
  • Date of Incorporation
  • Authorised Share Capital
  • Resident Agent
  • Resident Agent Address
  • Registered Agent Contact Information
  • Registered Office Address
  • Registered Documents (if filed at the Registry)
  • Company Details - not from the registry (if available)

Delivery: Sent via email (PDF)

Timescale: 2 - 3 business days

Maintaining Records

Whilst there are limited requirements to file documents with the International Business Companies Registry. A company is required to maintain certain records and documents with its Registered Agent, as listed: Memorandum and Articles of Association; Register of Members; Register of Directors and copies of all notices and documents filed with the Registry.

Obligations of the International Business Companies Registry

The Belize International Business Companies Act requires the Registrar to maintain the following information.

Company Documents
Filed at the Registry
Memorandum of Association and any changes
Articles of Association and any changes Yes
Certificate of Incorporation Yes
Certificate of Change of Name (if applicable) Yes
Register of Directors No
Register of Shareholders No
Register of Charges No, however these are often filed
Company Accounts No
Annual Return listing  Directors and Shareholders No 

Belize Copies of Official Company Documents

We provide clients with a fast, easy, efficient and cost effective way of conducting comprehensive company searches and obtaining official documents on Belize companies from the International Business Companies Registry.

You can obtain a Certified Copy of the Articles of Incorporation for any existing Belize IBC company provided the company is active and has no outstanding fees.

Official copies of filed Belize documents can be obtained for you from the International Business Companies Registry. This can include copies of:

  • Belize company Certificate of Incorporation
  • Belize Certificate of Good Standing
  • Belize Articles / Statutes

Establishing the existence of a Belize company and obtaining copies of official company documents held at the company registry may be required for

  • Due Diligence - confirmation of a Belize company’s existence
  • Legal requirements - certified company documents

Certificate of Good Standing

You are emailed a pdf copy of the Certificate of Good Standing with the original to follow by regular mail or courier.

Certified copy of Certificate of Incorporation

You receive a pdf copy of the certified Certificate of Incorporation with the original to follow.

Certified copy of Memorandum and Articles of Association

You are emailed a pdf copy of the certified Memorandum and Articles of Association with the original to follow. 

Notarised and Apostilled Certificate on Company Documents

An Apostille enables the presenter to bypass further certification and immediately use the documents in the intended country. All Belize Company documents are complete with certification from an authorised body.

This involves the addition of a certificate, either stamped on the document itself or attached to the document which certifies:

  • Country of origin of the document
  • Name and identity of the signature - Capacity in which a document has been signed
  • Official seal - Name of authority which has affixed a seal or stamp to the document
  • Place, date and document number

An Apostille certificate can be obtained for most Belize company documents.

Certificate of Good Standing

We are able to obtain a Certificate of Good Standing from the Companies Registrar certifying that a company is of good standing. The Certificate resembles the initial Certificate of Incorporation and is used to formally confirm the company's continued legal existence. It also confirms that all administrative requirements have been complied with. This certificate will also state if the company is in voluntary liquidation or proceedings have been started to strike the company off the International Business Companies Registry.

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