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Malta International Holding Company (IHC) Company Formation

An International Holding Company (IHC) is a company resident in Malta incorporated with the objective of holding overseas investment and distributing the income to non-residents. Non-resident shareholders of IHC's qualify for a full refund of the Maltese tax paid by the company on profits and gains arising from participating holdings when profits are distributed.

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Company Name

A Maltese IHC must have a unique name. The Registrar of Companies has the right of refuse any name it feels is undesirable or offensive. The company must end with the suffix Limited or Ltd.

Registered Agent

It is a requirement that a Maltese IHC must have a registered agent and a registered address in Malta, this is where all official correspondence is sent. This is provided as part of our incorporation service.


A Maltese IHC requires one person to act as the directors. This person may be of any nationality and may be a corporate entity. Director’s names are filed on the public register.


A Maltese IHC requires only one person to act as a shareholder. This person may be of any nationality and may be a corporate entity. The maximum number of shareholders for a private company is 50. The minimum number of shareholders is normally two; however a single member company may also be registered under the Maltese Companies Act. Shareholder names are filed on the public register.

Company Secretary

A Maltese company must appoint a company secretary who, is responsible for keeping the statutory books. We can provide this required service for your Maltese Company.

Share Capital

An IHC company has a minimum authorised share capital of €1,200 and this should be fully paid-up.


A Maltese company can be incorporated in two weeks once all information and proof of identity has been received.


Filing Requirements

Your Maltese company does not have to keep records in Malta, except for the Register of Shareholders and the Register of Directors. Financial Statements need to be lodged with the tax authorities in Malta and with the Company Registry. The accounts of the company need to be audited.

Proof of Identity

As part of our due diligence we require proof of identity in the form of a passport copy for all directors and shareholders of the company.


A visit to Malta is not required to incorporate your company.