Belize Ready Made Company

We have a selection of ready made International Business Companies (IBCs) available in Belize that can be purchased from us and transferred to you. Once they have been transferred, they are ready to trade immediately

What is an established company?

Established companies, also known as shelf, aged or vintage, are companies that were incorporated by us some time ago and were put on the shelf to age. They have never traded. Ready made companies allow those starting out with a new venture the chance to show longevity of a business.

An aged company can be useful in many ways. Some key benefits are outlined below.

  • Your corporate image and credit facilities available can be enhanced with age
  • You may be in a better position to bid for contracts with an older company
  • Obtaining bank loans is easier when you can show you have history. Most lenders require a minimum of 2 and usually 3 years history in order to establish corporate credit history

Our Belize ready made companies:

  • Have wide objects and can be used for most business activities
  • Are International Business Companies
  • Offer shareholders limited liability
  • Can have their name changed on the day of purchasing the company

Certification of a shelf IBC

Documents of a shelf IBC are not certified by a notary or legalized by an apostille. These certifications are normally required in order to make the IBC official documents acceptable outside Belize. Usually, an additional day or two will be needed to process these certifications if required.

Time saved with a Belize ready made company

Choosing a shelf company may save you between 1 and 3 days compared to a normal incorporation. However, before the company is registered to trade, final preparation can take between one and four business days.

Appointing the new Directors

To become the director of your new company, you will need to sign a document that appoints you as the new director and confirms our resignation. This can be achieved with a power of attorney which we can issue for this purpose.

The directors of your choice will then be appointed to your company and you will receive all the official documentation that you need, including the Certificate of Incorporation, Memorandum and Articles of Association of the company and the relevant Company Secretarial Forms.

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