BVI Company Taxation

Taxation in the British Virgin Islands is relatively simple by comparative standards. The territory is notable for revenue that is not subject to taxation.

The British Virgin Islands offers:

  • No Corporation tax
  • No Capital gains tax
  • No sales tax or value added tax
  • No inheritance tax or estate duty

There is income tax in the British Virgin Islands, but the rate of taxation has been set at zero. The Income Tax Act exempts BVI companies from income tax.

BVI Legislation

The BVI is the world’s leading corporate domicile. Since the adoption of its BC Act in 2004, approximately 650,000 IBC companies have been incorporated in the territory.

The number of new registrations averaged more than 61,000 for the past seven years.

The BVI has become a model for other jurisdictions due to its past and current success. The BVI maintains its leadership roles thanks to its efficiency and quality of services.

BVI Double Tax Treaties

Legislation has been drafted to ensure the BVI is fully compliant with the European Union (EU) Savings Tax Directive and EU Code of Conduct on Business Taxation, as required by the UK of all its overseas territories.

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