Chile Sociedad Anónima Company Formation

We can assist with the entire incorporation process for a Chilean Sociedad Anónima (SA) or  Sociedad de Responsabilidad Limitada (Srl). A Chilean SA or Srl are legal entities that offer limited liability for its directors and shareholders. The formation procedure takes 30 days if the founders are in Chile, longer if they are represented by proxy.

  • Company Name

    Company names may be in any Latin alphabet language and must end with the suffix SA or Srl . All company names are subject to approval. Certain words, such as those suggesting governmental or country patronage, are restricted.

  • Registered Office

    All companies incorporated in Chile must have a registered office. The office must be a physical address in Chile where all official company correspondence may be served. We are able to provide a registered address alongside our incorporation package.

  • Directors

    Only 1 directors of any nationality is required to incorporate a chilean company

  • Shareholders

    There is a minimum requirement of 2 shareholders to incorporate a Chilean company. Our service is for 2 shareholders, additional fees apply for additional shareholders.

  • Share Capital

    There is no minimal share capital requirement when incorporating a Chilean company

  • Timescale

    The company will be incorporated within 3 to 4 weeks, once the attorney has received all the documentation (power of attorney and forms).

  • Representative

    Under Chilean law, a foreign company has to appoint a representative of the foreign company in Chile. This must be a Chilean national or foreign national resident in Chile .

  • Bank Account

    A Chilean company formation requires the opening of a corporate bank account. We can assist with bank account introduction.

  • Travel

    There is no requirement to visit the Chile in order to incorporate an SA or Srl. Although additional fees will be applied if a visit cannot be made.

  • Package

    Our Company Formation includes:

    • Preparation of Power of Attorney
    • Obtaining of Identification Number for foreign shareholders (RUT)
    • Obtaining RUT (Company Identification Number)
    • Preparation of Memorandum and Articles of Association
    • Publication in official paper (Diario Oficial) of an abstract of the new company.
    • Provide a legal address in Santiago
    • Presentation of Memorandum and Articles of Association before the Companies Registry (Conservador de Comercio).
    • Preparation Directors Meeting. President, Secretary, and Treasurer are named. (Only Sociedad Anónima).
    • Registration of Managers
    • Preparation of company registration forms
    • Filing Fees Payment.
    • Certificate of Incorporation
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