Corporate Kit – Company Seals

Our kits are designed for your convenience and to facilitate fast and easy corporate set-up and corporate record keeping.

All of our corporate kits include a corporate seal, stock certificates, corporate minute book, gold stamping of corporation name, sample forms of corporate bylaws and minutes, various revenue forms, stock transfer ledger and annual corporate minutes worksheet forms and more.

Included in your kit are the following:

  • Company Seal
  • Corporate record book
  • Stock certificates (quantity depends on style of kit chosen), plus two unnumbered specimens
  • Name of corporation gold stamped on the record book, seal case, certificate binder, and box, as applicable
  • One set each of corporate bylaws and organisational minutes (with optional resolutions for IRC Sec. 1244 and S Corporation election, and specimen medical expense payment and reimbursement plan). Specific editions for Delaware, Nevada, Texas, Florida, California, Arizona, Connecticut, Georgia, Illinois, Missouri, New Jersey and Pennsylvania are available
  • Minute book paper
  • Stock transfer ledger sheets
  • S Corporation election form with instructions
  • Application for Federal Tax ID number
  • Special Corporate Minutes Worksheets to facilitate the preparation of minutes for annual and special meetings

Corporate Kit

Company Seal

 Corporate Kit Company Seal
Seal and certificates are conveniently contained within the corporate record book.The blue plier seal, 38mm impression and can contain 50 characters (including spaces).

Traditionally a company executes deeds and other instruments, including share certificates under seal. The company seal impresses the company’s name onto a red cloth or paper seal attached to the document in a position where two directors, or one director and the company secretary, will sign as witnesses.

A company seal provides an embossed seal on your documents. This is no longer a legal requirement in the UK. However, they are still used universally by all sizes of companies as many statutory company documents still provide a space marked affix the company seal.

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