Gambling Licenses

To operate an online casino you will need to incorporate your company and obtain a gambling licence. We can assist you in your gambling licence application within the following countries:

Costa Rica Gambling Licenses Costa Rica

Costa Rica is currently the centre of online casinos with the best infrastructure available, many companies choose Costa Rica as their registration country due to no direct prohibitions on gambling businesses. There is legislation to restrict land-based gambling, but according to the legal system of Costa Rica these laws do not apply to Internet gambling.

The company needs:

  • A licence to trade, which we can assist with
  • Server facilities in Costa Rica
  • Regular payment of trading taxes in Costa Rica

Details required to obtain a Gambling License:

  • Nationality of the beneficiaries
  • Location of servers
  • Target Market
  • Type of Games offered
  • Bank Account – Internet gambling businesses are legal in Costa Rica provided betting money from abroad isn’t deposited into Costa Rica bank accounts.
  • Any other important aspects


  • No Costa Rican citizens who live in Costa Rica can place a bet on the online Casino
  • The games or subjects of bets do not take place physically in Costa Rica
  • Online Casino transactions take place in another country, not in Costa Rica
  • To obtain the licenses in Costa Rica the corporation must have a physical office in Costa Rica.

Our services to obtain Data Processing License includes:

  • A company incorporated in Costa Rica
  • Registered address
  • Company registration with the Tax Administration
  • Data Processing License – the Data Processing License allows establishing, operating and managing online gambling activities.


We incorporate the Costa Rica company for you, the data processing license is then applied for in the name of the corporation, Costa Rica have introduced a new law for obtaining an online gaming license which clearly states ‘internet gaming’ as the licensed business activity. It takes 1-2 months to process the license and have it registered.

Costa Rica Gambling Licenses

Costa Rica Online Casino Procedure


Malta is a popular choice within Europe for incorporating a gambling business. The regulatory body in Malta responsible for the supervision of remote gaming is the Lotteries & Gaming Authority.

There are four types of licence available:

  • Class 1 – for operators managing their own risk
  • Class 2 – for operators who manage bets on behalf of others. (pool betting, spread betting)
  • Class 3 – for operators who take commission for promoting betting games (poker networks for example)
  • Class 4 – for software operators, who want to provide management and hosting facilities

We can manage the application. There are three stages:

  • We need to submit proof that the applicant is capable for the integrity of the company and for the competence’s of the people involved.
  • We then need to get a ‘letter of intent’ given to us by the LGA – this allows you to start remote gambling
  • There is then a compliance audit, and a full licence is granted. This takes some six months.

The taxes for each type of licence are:

  • Class 1 – Monthly Fee
  • Class 2 – A sum equal to 0.5% of bets
  • Class 3 – A sum equal to 0.5% of net income
  • Class 4 – No specific gaming tax

There is an initial application fee payable to the Lotteries and Gaming Authority.

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