Costa Rica Online Casino Procedure

Setting up your Online Gambling Casino

  • Incorporate your company in Costa Rica. This will provide one of the following services: network administration, or intranet administration.
  • Block all the IP addresses located in Costa Rica to abide by the law and ensure that no citizen or resident of Costa Rica connects to your server in Costa Rica to place a bet with your online casino.
  • Open a bank account. The financial activities of your online casino will be conducted through this account which does not have to be opened in Costa Rica.
  • Once your company is registered by us and ready to operate we can then offer the services of registration as “Online Casino or SportsBook License” given by the Costa Rican Tax Administration.

How Online Casinos Are Doing Business in Costa Rica

It is difficult to determine how many gaming ventures are in Costa Rica since online casinos are registered as technology Corporations, and not as online casinos. These online casinos generate a significant amount of money.

Online casinos based on servers in Costa Rica must ensure that citizens of Costa Rica do not access your server.

Costa Rica Online Casinos:

  • Can host any type of gambling games
  • Can encourage visitors to place bets on activities or events over the internet
  • Do not pay taxes on revenues generated by the gambling business
  • Can not be held liable for not fulfilling their representations to their customers

As a result of:

  • No internet activity regulations in Costa Rica
  • No Costa Rican citizen can place a bet on an online casino because all Costa Rican
    IP addresses are blocked from accessing the sites
  • The games or subjects of bets do not take place physically in Costa Rica
  • All transactions are performed through an offshore bank account
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