ApS Business Registration

Denmark has no Government register of shareholders. The Danish private limited company is equivalent to the German GmbH and the French Sàrl. Private limited companies are governed by the Private Limited Companies Law 371 of 1973 and the statutory minimum capital is DKK80,000.

Features of a private limited company in Denmark:

  • Only one director is required
  • Minimum share capital is DKK80,000 (€15,000)
  • Optional one or two-tier management systems with either a supervisory board or an executive board (CEO), or both
  • No residency requirements apply to the members of the executive and supervisory boards

Denmark Incorporation Requirements:

  • Your Company Name
  • The Company objects which can be very broad, for example ‘the objects of the company are commercial, industrial and investment activities’, or it can be more specific objects
  • A Registered office in Denmark is required – we will supply you with this
  • Amount of share capital, the capital can be paid up as cash contributions or a contribution of assets
  • Any special requirements concerning the Articles of Association, including a qualified majority for certain decisions, convening of general meetings and preemption rights
  • We require the personal identification number and private address of the Danish Board members and directors, and in case of foreign citizens we require their private address and a copy of their passport. There are rules on the number of foreigners on the Board and the Management
  • Provisions regulating the powers to sign on behalf of the company
  • The company’s first accountant, who must be a registered or state authorised public accountant
  • The company’s financial year, the first financial year can be up to 18 months
  • Whether to hold an actual statutory general meeting or a general meeting on paper, where no shareholders are present

The Danish Commerce and Companies Agency handles the registration of the Private limited company company and issues a CVR number.

Private Limited Companies – Anpartsselskab or ApS

When planning to establish a private limited company, you must provide the following information about your new company:

  • Starting date
  • Name of company and address in Denmark
  • The names and addresses of the members of the Management Board, the Board of Directors, and the Chairman
  • Name and address of accountant
  • Articles of association and fiscal year
  • The object of the company
  • The company’s provisions for signatories – the joint Board of Directors can always bind the company legally by their signatures
  • DKK 125,000 for a private limited company (ApS)

Processing time

When you have submitted the requested information, the Danish Commerce and Companies Agency will register your company and issue a CVR number. If the requirements are met, the processing time will typically be 1 to 2 weeks. The DCCA will forward the CVR number to The Central Customs and Tax Administration (CCTA), whom you also have to contact in order to be registered for VAT and Corporate income tax.

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