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Bermuda Exempt Company

Exempt Companies in Bermuda are ideal vehicles for international trade as they benefit from zero taxation and no currency exchange controls. This allows a company to trade in any currency and, provided the company conducts its business solely outside of Bermuda, it will be exempt from all local taxes including, but not limited to, taxes on profits, income, dividends, capital gains and estate duty. 

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Company Name

All company names must be approved by the Registrar which may reject names at its discretion; certain words, such as “Royal”, “Imperial” or “Chartered”, are restricted. We are able to conduct a company name check for you.

Registered Office

All Exempt Companies in Bermuda must have a registered office where all official documents may be served and where company registers and accounts must be kept. We can provide this for you as part of our Standard Company Formation Package.


Only one director is required for a Bermuda Exempt Company, with no restrictions on a director’s nationality or residency.


There are no restrictions on the nationality or residency of company shareholders, only a single shareholder is required and corporate entities are allowed. This information is disclosed to the Ministry of Finance but is not available for public inspection.

Company Secretary

Bermuda Exempt companies must appoint a resident secretary in Bermuda. We can provide this service.

Share Capital

The minimum share capital is USD 1. Shares of no par value and bearer shares are not permitted.


The entire incorporation process takes approximately three to five days.


Belize Company Formation - £4600

Company Administration & Registered Office  - £1800

Company Secretary - £3000

Filing Requirements

Exempt companies are generally not obliged to file accounts or annual returns. Companies are required to file an annual Statutory Declaration of share capital along with payment of the annual government fee. Account auditing can be waived if the shareholders so choose.

Proof of Identity

As part of our due diligence we require proof of identity in the form of a passport copy for all directors and shareholders of the company.


It is not necessary to visit Bermuda in order to incorporate an Exempt Company.

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