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Credit Card Declined

Regrettably our merchant service bank tells us that your card issuer has declined to take the transaction.

We do not take this as a reflection on your financial status, and can happen for a number of reasons, such as:

  • Wrong expiry date given
  • Insufficient funds or credit available
  • Card billing address you gave us doesn't match the card records
  • Transaction is above the cards limit
  • Bank computer systems not working properly
  • Foreign card requiring customer contact for mail order
  • New card not yet authorised for use
  • Incorrect CVC digits entered
  • Other clerical error

Other payment methods are listed at:


Unfortunately, one of the side-effects of card issuer confidentiality is that they will not tell us why the card has been declined. If you are surprised by this, it would probably be useful if you spoke to your card issuer before contacting us with either a different card number, or to ask us to try again.

Please contact us as below to resolve this problem. If you know the card was refused because of insufficient funds and you have now rectified that, a simple reply to this email with "please try again" is sufficient.

If you want us to try another card please visit:


We apologise for this inconvenience, and this order and any other order using this card cannot be processed until we hear from you.

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