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Liberia Limited Liability Company (LLC) Company Incorporation

Incorporating an LLC in Liberia is very efficient and involves two basic steps:

  • The application is submitted to register the business and the requisite fee is paid; this takes less than a day. 
  • Approval is then received from the register along with the Business Registration Certificate; this can also be completed within a day.

Enquire about a Liberian company formation

Company Name

Names must end with the suffix Corporation, Incorporated, Limited or an appropriate abbreviation. We can check your proposed company name and reserve it for 24 hours.

Registered Office

All companies must have registered office in Liberia where all official documents and correspondence may be legally served. We will provide a registered office address.


Only a single director is required for your company. The number of directors must be specified upon incorporation, but this may be changed at a later date. If the number of shareholders is three or more then at least three directors are required. If there a less than three shareholders the number of directors must equal the number of shareholders.


Only one shareholder is required. There is no need to hold annual general shareholder meetings.

Share Capital

The authorised capital is 500 registered shares without par value or up to USD 50,000 of the total par value of shares. Par value may be expressed in any currency.

Filing Requirements

Although accounting records that give a true and fair view of the company’s position must be kept at the registered office, companies are not required to file annual returns or financial statements.


Once all information has been received it typically takes one week to incorporate your company , however, it it can take less as little as two days .


Liberia Company Formation - £980

Company Administration & Registered Office - £420

Proof of Identity

As part of our due diligence we require proof of identity in the form of a passport copy for all directors and shareholders of the company.


It is not a requirement to visit Liberia in order to incorporate.

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