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Luxembourg Company Incorporation - Fees

Company Formation

Luxembourg Sàrl Company Formation - 7 days
  • Powers of attorney to lodge documents
  • Drafting the Articles of Association / Statutes
  • Money placed in trust temporarily in Luxembourg, to allow the incorporation to go ahead
  • Registration of incorporation of the company with the appropriate authorities
  • Notary Publics Fee (required)
  • Granting of a registered business number from the clerk of the commercial court
  • Registration of the incorporation with the commercial court and publication in the Memorial (official journal)
  • Request for a Business Licence
  • All documents and certificates supplied in a professional folder
Additional Services  
Company Administration & Registered Office (required) £1250
Escrow account Luxembourg (required) £420
Company Secretary (if required) £850

Annual Renewal Fees

Company Administration
  • Provision of the Registered Office in Luxembourg
  • Compliance with local domicile requirements
  • Payment of Government Fees (€170)
  • Maintaining statutory records
  • Statutory Due-Diligence
  • 12 months basic consultation
  • Ensuring that your company is kept in good standing through payment of the annual government fee and filing of annual documents
Directors Register Maintenance £175


Your company will be incorporated using your chosen name and we will ensure that the procedure is as simple as possible.

The whole incorporation process can be completed online and we will administer the preparation and filing of all registration forms on your behalf.

We are happy to answer any questions you may have without any obligation.

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