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Striking-Off, Dissolution and Restoration

How do I apply for a company to be struck off the Register?

Complete and send the form DS01, striking off application , with a £10 filing fee: However, striking-off is only applicable to a private company if, in the past three months, it has not:

  • Traded or otherwise carried on business.
  • Changed its name.
  • Disposed for value of property or rights that, immediately before ceasing to be in business or trade, it held for disposal or gain in the normal course of that business or trade.
  • Engaged in any other activity except one necessary or expedient for making a striking-off application, settling the company’s affairs or meeting a statutory requirement. A company can, however, apply if it has settled trading or business debts in the previous three months.

How do I apply to restore the company

under the Companies Act 2006 there are now two procedures for company restoration. They are the Administrative Restoration and a Company Restoration by court order.

Administrative Company Restoration Fees

Administrative Restoration Our fee to deal with the company restoration for you is £450 + disbursements of:

£100 Companies House fee -We deal with everything for you including advising on requirements of Companies House, preparing the required statement of compliance
£69 - Treasury Solicitor fee
+ Late filing penalties - relating to accounts that were overdue for filing at the date the company was struck off
+Preparation and filing of outstanding documents
Once the application for restoring your company has been made we will continue to monitor and advise you of the progress and provide you with confirmation when your company has been restored.

Company Restoration by Court Order

Company Restoration by Court Order - Our fee to deal with the company restoration for you is £600 + disbursements of:

£650 Solicitors fees
£300 The Treasury Solicitor - costs which are usually approximately £300. The Treasury Solicitor will usually agree to an application subject to undertakings being given to remedy the default by filing updated accounts.
£225 Court fees and commissioner for oaths fees - Fees for dealing with the court application
+Preparation and filing of outstanding documents
Our Restoration Service includes:

The preparation of all paperwork
Application at the High Court
Compilation of evidence for the hearing
Representation at court and the service of the Court Order on the Registrar of Companies.
The restoration needs to be made in the name of the Company and joined by a shareholder or director.

It is not necessary for an applicant to attend court as we will appear on your behalf