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UK Company Restoration

We can assist you with the restoration of your company if it has been Struck Off the company register.

We have experienced staff on hand to assist you via email or telephone and all forms are available online to ensure your company restoration is as fast, professional and easy as possible. For your convenience, we offer simple online enquiry forms for faster processing.

You may begin your company restoration with us or receive a quote by submitting your dissolved company details via our Company Restoration Form.

More than 100,000 companies are removed by the Registrar of Companies every year, usually for failing to file their Accounts or their Annual Returns. Sometimes companies themselves apply to be removed, but overlook credit balances from their bank accounts or forget about assets.

All the assets of a struck off company vest in the Crown, therefore when a company wishes to continue in business or access their bank account, it cannot be done by incorporating a new company – the original company must be restored. Dealing with any assets of a struck off company – e.g. debts due, stock, leases, premises or even goodwill – is an offence.

The Registrar of Companies has powers under Section 1024 of the Companies Act 2006 to strike a company off the Companies Register if he has reasonable cause to believe that a company is not carrying on business or in operation.

Once a company is dissolved, its bank account will be frozen and its assets are deemed to be bona vacantia and will belong to the Crown.

In order to recover assets and continue trading the company must be restored to the Companies Register.

The Registrar of Companies will ask for the the Annual Returns and Accounts to be filed prior to restoration and other statutory documents necessary to bring the public file of the company up to date.

To find out details of everything we would require in order to proceed with your Company Restoration, please complete our Restoration Form with no obligation.

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