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UK Company Formations - Extended fees

Our professional services include:

Company Administration and Secretarial Services
Change of Company Name £60
Directors' Service Address £120
Preparation of Non-Trading / Dormant Company Accounts £80
Company Confrimation Statement £100
Company Seal - plier pocket size £64
Company Register - Corporate Kit £20
Maintaining Statutory Register £64
Registered Office / Agent - Domiciliation £280
Agency Agreement linking principal outside the UK with an agent company in the UK £240
Tax and Accounting Services
VAT - IVA Registration £240
Bank Account - introduction and assistance £420
UK Tax Representative - Agent £250
Advising HM Revenue and Customs of commencement of business £80
Completing UK Corporation Tax - for non-trading/ dormant company £120
Other UK Incorporations  
LLP - Limited Liability Partnerships £280
Flat / Property Management Companies £180
Private Company Limited by Guarantee £180
Private Company Limited by Guarantee with Charitable Objects £282
Registration of a branch and applying for branch registration number £280

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