France – Ready Made Companies

Our French ready made companies are available immediately and fully inclusive of all documentation.

A French Ready Made Company includes:

  • Articles of Association / Statutes
  • One years Registered Address in Paris
  • Incorporation Certificate
  • Bank account transfer
  • Share Transfer
  • VAT Transfer
  • Change of Name
  • Change of Activity
  • Change of Director

Procedure to acquire a ready made company

Your chosen directors and shareholders of the ready made company sign official transfer documents. Transfers are made and it is ready to trade immediately.

Changing the company name of the Ready Made Company

We can file a company name change and business activities on the same day.

An established company can be beneficial for the following reasons:

For some potential business associates, the age of your company can affect whether they choose to do business with you, this is because the number of years a company has been in business can affect a creditors confidence in your company.

In many countries, government contracts may only be awarded to companies that have been trading for a number of years. In order to secure these contracts, an aged corporation may be beneficial.

When trying to obtain corporate credit for your company, one who has been incorporated longer will receive preferential treatment compared to new incorporation as it will appear to have more credibility.

Other reasons include:

  • Corporate image is enhanced with age
  • Building corporate credit is easier with age
  • Many lenders require a minimum of 2 and usually 3 years history in order to establish corporate credit history
  • Some computer companies lease only to corporations 12 months old or more
  • An instant company history can be established