Gibraltar Ready Made Companies

Should you require a company immediately then we currently have ready made companies to buy off the shelf,  ready to trade. These companies are non trading, in good standing and  can be transferred quickly subject to compliance.

Ready Made Company

There are important advantages in having a ready made company in Gibraltar:

  • Because of the strict due-diligence requirements in Gibraltar, it can sometimes take time to incorporate. A ready made company can be purchased and ready to be use instantly
  • Sometimes a company registration number is needed in order to complete an important contract there is no time for a new incorporation process to be completed

Should you require a company with minimal delays you may consider buying a ready made company.

Established Companies

All the Gibraltar ready made companies are in good standing.  They are available immediately and fully inclusive of all documentation.


  • Normal commercial trading objectives
  • Suits the majority of requirements
  • Can undertake any nature of business
  • Can operate anywhere in the world
  • Shareholders have limited liability
  • Can have a sole director and sole shareholder
  • Company Registration number available immediately

Procedure in Gibraltar for the transfer of Ready Made companies

You need to:

  • State your intended business activities
  • Present basic due diligence information: provide certified copies of passport and proof of address

Then we can let you know the name and registration details of the company, and reserve the company exclusively for you.

Upon signature of official forms by the new directors and shareholder in which they consent to act, the ready-made company is transferred.

Reasons for wanting a Ready Made company rather than a new incorporation

Established companies are guaranteed to be clear of any debts or liabilities. You may need an aged corporation for the following reasons:

  • Corporate image is enhanced with age
  • Building corporate credit is easier with age
  • Other companies will do business with an older company before a brand new one
  • Establishing a history for your business
  • Bidding contracts at times require a certain age to your corporation
  • Obtaining bank loans is easier when you can show you have history – the age is what matters most
  • Obtaining corporate credit cards and leases.

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