COMPANIES ACT 1963 – SECT 134 General Provisions as to meetings and votes.

134.—The following provisions shall have effect in so far as the articles of the company do not make other provision in that behalf—

( a ) notice of the meeting of a company shall be served on every member of the company in the manner in which notices are required to be served by Table A and for the purpose of this paragraph “Table A” means that Table as for the time being in force;

( b ) two or more members holding not less than one-tenth of the issued share capital or, if the company has not a share capital, not less than 5 per cent. in number of all the members of the company may call a meeting;

( c ) in the case of a private company two members, and in the case of any other company three members, personally present shall be a quorum;

( d ) any member elected by the members present at a meeting may be chairman thereof;

( e ) in the case of a company originally having a share capital, every member shall have one vote in respect of each share or each £10 of stock held by him, and in any other case, every member shall have one vote.