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We will continue to operate during the Covid-19 epidemic. All services are available but staff members will not be in the office due to government restrictions. So please contact us using the forms on the site or via email, and we will respond immediately.

Ireland Ready made – Private limited company

We have ready made companies but unless you require a company immediately it would be a lot cheaper and neater simply for us to incorporate one for you with your chosen company name. We can do it in less than a week.

A readymade company is more expensive than a new company formation, but then you need to transfer shareholder, appoint directors, and probably change the articles.

Shelf corporations are simply companies that have been incorporated, but have never been used. Here are some reasons why a shelf corporation may be beneficial for you:

  • Establishing a history for your corporation.
  • Obtaining bank loans is often easier if you can show your company has a history.
  • Bidding on contracts may require your company to be a certain age.
  • Obtaining corporate credit cards and leases often eases with age.
  • Corporate image improves with age.

Purchasing a shelf corporation saves you time in waiting for your new corporation to be established. If you’re looking to incorporate quickly, consider investing in a shelf corporation to get your business up and running

A ready made company will be essential if a company is required urgently, for instance if a company registration number is needed immediately in order to complete an important contract and no time can be allowed for the 2-3 day incorporation process to be completed.

We do hold a a few Irish companies available for immediate purchase, please contact us for further details.

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