Hong Kong Company Search


Hong Kong Company Search


Hong Kong Company Search

A Hong Kong company search outlines the current administrative position of a Hong Kong company in accordance with the records held at the company register.

A UAE company search which includes:

  • Company Name
  • Company Registration number/ Free Zone licence number
  • Date of Incorporation/ date of Registration – where available
  • Company Type – where available
  • Current Legal Status: in Good Standing with active registration or struck off – where available
  • Date company registration valid until (free zone registration can be for a set period of time) – where available
  • Free Zone Address and contact details – where available
  • Company Activity – where available
  • Background company information and company overview – where available
  • Company Details – not from the registry/ free zone – if available

If the company is registered within a free trade zone we cannot provide details on the shareholders, registered share capital or details of the directors.

Timescale:  2 – 4 working days

Delivery: Documents sent via email