Swiss companies are registered in a particular canton. Each canton maintains a Commercial Register which maintains entries, shareholders, director, capital structure and registered office.

We can incorporate your Swiss company in the canton of Appenzell Ausserrhoden.

Switzerland is comprised of 26 cantons – there are no geographical restrictions in incorporation procedures.

If you incorporate your company in one of the cantons eg. Appenzell you also need your registered office in the canton of Appenzell.

Swiss Company Taxes

Companies are taxed at three different levels; federal, cantonal and communal. The largest proportion of tax is levied by the canton, resulting in intense tax competition. In Switzerland federal taxes are charged at a flat rate of around 8%, while canton tax varies by canton. In cantons Zug, Basal-Anwil and Obwalden, rates can be below 5%.

  Aargau   Graubünden   St. Gallen
  Appenzell Ausserrhoden   Jura   Thurgau
  Appenzell Innerrhoden   Luzern   Ticino
  Basel-Landschaft   Obwalden   Uri
  Basel-Stadt   Neuchâtel   Valais
  Bern   Nidwalden   Vaud
  Fribourg   Schaffhausen   Zug
  Genève   Schwyz   Zürich
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