Aegean Free Trade Zone

The Aegean free trade zone is designed for hi-tech industries and commercial activities.

can incorporate your Turkish company and assist with obtaining a free
trade operating licence for the Aegean Free Trade Zone.

It is located 4 kilometres from the Adnan Menderes International Airport and 14 kilometrs away from Izmir Port.

Activities which can be carried out in the Aegean Free Trade Zone include:

  • Trade
  • Banking and Insurance
  • Rentals
  • Production
  • Storage
  • Assembly and repair-maintenance
  • Maintenance – Repair
  • Other

It is established and operated by the private sector and the land is provided by the government.

Aegean Free Trade Zone Advantages

  • A modern industrial centre
  • Manufacturing companies in the Free Trade Zone are exempt from Corporate and Income Tax on their employees
  • Designed for hi-tech industries
  • 100% foreign capital company can be established in the Free Trade Zone
  • Imports can remain in the zone without any time limit
  • No duty or import tariff from goods imported into (FTZ) from abroad
  • Direct sales allowed to Turkish domestic market

Operating Licence Application Procedures

  • We incorporate your Limited Þirketi company in Turkey
  • We complete your Free Trade Zone Operating Licence Application Form
  • Your application fee is then deposited with the Central Bank of Turkey
  • We submitted your application form which is then assessed by the
    Free Trade Zone Operator (ESBAS) and the Undersecretariat of Foreign
    Trade (UFT) General Directorate of Free Trade Zones
  • A lease agreement is then made with the Free Trade Zone Founder and Operator (ESBAS)
  • We apply to the UFT General Directorate Of Free Trade Zones with your lease agreement
  • You receive your Operating Licence and can start business in the Aegean Free Trade Zone