Istanbul Thrace Free Trade Zone (FTZ)

The Istanbul Thrace Free Trade Zone is in Çatalca district of Istanbul
and operated by İstanbul Thrace Free Trade Zone Inc. (ISBAS).

We can incorporate your Turkish company and assist with obtaining a free trade operating licence for the Istanbul Thrace Free Trade Zone (FTZ).

The operations in a free trade zone must be of a type previously deemed
acceptable by the Supreme Coordination Council of Ministers, in the Istanbul Thrace Free Trade Zone, the current scope
operations includes but is not limited to production of:

  • Textiles and fashion industries
  • Optical
  • Electrical and electronics
  • Machinery equipment production and assembling
  • Gold metal processing
  • Leather
  • Carpeting, furniture
  • Food processing and all kinds of light industry sectors directed towards export business

Activities which can be carried out in the Istanbul Thrace Free Trade Zone:

  • Engineering
  • Trade
  • Banking and Insurance
  • Production
  • Storage
  • Consulting activities

Production units and processes involving environmentally harmful waste are not allowed.

Basic Objectives of the Foundation and Operation of Istanbul Thrace Free Trade Zone

  • Promoting export oriented investment and production
  • Accelerating foreign direct investment and technology access
  • Directing enterprises towards export and developing international trade

Free Trade Zone Advantages – Istanbul Thrace (FTZ)

  • 100% Corporate Tax Exemption – production companies are exempt from
    Corporate taxes which they would normally pay at the end of their
    fiscal year
  • Custom Duties Exemption – the free trade zones is considered
    outside the customs border, goods entering the free trade zone are
    exempt from duties
  • Easy access to qualified and unqualified labour because of close proximity of residential areas
  • Exemption From VAT – the sale of goods and services from Turkey to
    the free trade zone is considered as exports, such goods and services
    are exempt from Value Added Taxes
  • Istanbul Thrace Free Trade Zone was the first free trade zone allows investors the ability to sell or rent their property

Operating Licence Application Procedures – Istanbul Thrace

  • We incorporate your Limitet Þirket company in Turkey
  • We complete your Free Trade Zone Operating Licence Application Form
  • Your application fee is then deposited with the Central Bank of Turkey
  • We
    submitted your application form which is then assessed by the Free
    Trade Zone Founder and Operator (ISBAS) and the Undersecretariat of
    Foreign Trade (UFT) General Directorate of Free Trade Zones
  • A lease agreement or sales contract is then made with the Free Trade Zone Founder and Operator (ISBAS)
  • We apply to the UFT General Directorate Of Free Trade Zones with your lease agreement
  • You receive your Operating Licence and can start business in the Istanbul Thrace Free Trade Zone