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Companies Act 2006 – Model Articles

For new companies October 2009, Table A has been replaced by the Companies Act 2006 – Model Articles
Model Articles are available for the three most common types of company:

  • Model articles for private companies limited by shares
  • Model articles for private companies limited by guarantee
  • Model articles for public companies

Table A

Table A is simply the name given to the prescribed format for Articles of Association of a company limited by shares under the Companies Act 1985 and earlier legislation.

The Articles set out the regulations by which the company will be managed. The first prescribed format of Articles was made in The Joint Stock Companies Act, 1856. In this Act, the Articles were called Table B. The next change happened in 1862, the Memorandum was moved into the body of the Act and the Articles became Table A.

Refering to a Table A

When a company limited by shares is incorporated, it does not need to file Articles if it wishes to use Table A as its Articles. Certain provisions of Table A may also apply to a company which has filed Articles, if the company’s Articles have not specifically excluded or modified Table A. In either case, if you want to see the regulations that govern the management of the company, you need to refer to the relevant Table A.

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