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We provide clients with a cost effective way of conducting comprehensive company searches and obtaining official documents on Belize companies. As incorporation agents our experience and relationship with the International Business Companies Registry in Belize means, we can obtain official copies of company documents.

Belzie Company Search Report

A Belize company report includes an extract from the registry and will include registered details on the company, confirmation of its existence and any further company information available.

  • Company Name
  • Date of Incorporation
  • Company Registration Number
  • Authorised Share Capital
  • Resident Agent
  • Resident Agent Address
  • Registered Agent Contact Information
  • Registered Office Address
  • Registered Documents (if filed at the Registry)
  • Company Details – not from the registry (if available)

Company search sent via email as a PDF

Timescale: 2 – 3 business days

It is worth noting that Belize companies are not required to file at the registry information regarding share capital, shareholders, directors or annual accounts.

Whilst there are limited requirements to file documents with the International Business Companies Registry. A company is required to maintain certain records and documents with its Registered Agent in Belize.

Certificate of Incorporation

Upon incorporation every company is issued with a certificate of incorporation from the Registrar of Companies. We are able to obtain official registry certified copies of this document for any Belize company. These can in addition be Apostilled if required.

Certificate of Good Standing

We are able to obtain a Certificate of Good Standing from the Companies Registry certifying that a company has a status of good standing and has been in continued legal existence since incorporation. The Certificate can in addition be Apostilled if required.

Memorandum & Articles of Association

Upon incorporation all companies must draft and file with the Registrar of Companies a Memorandum and Articles of Association which govern how the company operates and is the company’s constitution.

Order Company Documents

To order company documents or a company search please complete the form below. We aim to respond to you by email within a few hours of your request.

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