Cyprus Company Formation

Cyprus Company FormationCyprus Limited Liability Company (LLC)

Cyprus is a very popular country in which to incorporate.  Cyprus is also one of the easiest countries to obtain a bank account if needed for the new company.

Cyprus company formation nameCompany Name

Company names must be approved by the Registrar. Names must be unique whether a name is considered too similar is at the discretion of the Registrar. Company names may be in Greek if accompanied by an English translation and must end with the suffix LLC or LTD.

Cyprus registered officeRegistered Office

All companies registered in Cyprus are required to have a registered office where official documents may be legally served. We will provide a registered office as part of our incorporation package.

Cyprus Incorporation directorDirectors

Only one director is required with no restrictions on either nationality or residency. Details of the initial directors must be lodged with the Registrar upon incorporation.

Cyprus company formation shareholderShareholders

A single shareholder is required who may be of any nationality and residency. Corporate shareholders are allowed.

Cyprus company formation share capitalShare Capital

The minimum share capital requirement is EUR 1  there is no restriction on the number of shares that may be issued. Share capital is in  Euros.

Cyprus company formation share capitalFiling Requirements

All companies are required to submit an annual return on the anniversary date of incorporation, with the first being due 18 months after incorporation. Annual financial statements must be submitted to the Registrar of Companies.

company formation secretaryCompany Secretary

Cypriot companies require a company secretary. It is recommended that you use a resident secretary for tax purposes. If you wish to establish tax residency for your company, you will need to prove that the management and administration of the company takes place in Cyprus with use of a resident director for compliance.

Cyprus company incorporation timescaleTimescale

Once all necessary incorporation information has been received, including proof of identity of shareholders and directors. The incorporation is completed within five days.

Cyprus company formation feesCyprus Company Formation Fees

We offer an all inclusive Cyprus Company Incorporation Service

Cyprus LLC Company Formation – 5-7 days

  • Reserving your Company Name
  • Liaising with the local registrar and relevant authorities
  • Structuring the company as per your requirements
  • Prepare your Company Registration Forms
  • Drafting the Articles of Association / Statutes
  • File the documents with the Registrar of Companies
  • Appoint the Directors
  • Minutes appointing first Directors
  • Preparation of the first minutes of Board Meeting
  • Initial Government licence fee payable on incorporation
  • Certificate of Incorporation
  • Issue of shares and production of Share Certificates
  • Memorandum and Articles of Association
  • Certificate of shareholders
  • Certificate of officers, Certificate of registered office address
  • Share Certificates
  • Government Fees €50
  • First Years Annual Government Fixed Duty Fee (€350)
  • All documents and certificates supplied in a professional folder
  • Delivery of documents by FedEx / DHL courier
Additional Services
Company Administration & Registered Office (required)£1050
Tax ID£220
Company Secretary

Resident Director option



Annual Renewal Fees
Company Administration

  • Provision of the Registered Office in Cyprus
  •  Company Secretary
  • Compliance with local domicile requirements
  • Payment of Government Fees
  • Maintaining statutory records
  • Maintenance of Shareholder Register
  • Statutory Due-Diligence
  • 12 months basic consultation
  • Ensuring that your company is kept in good standing through payment of the annual government duty fee and filing of annual documents
Annual Government Fixed Levy Fee (€350)£290
Cyprus Agent Compliance£100
Maintenance of Director Register

Resident Director Option




Your company will be incorporated using your chosen name and we will ensure that the procedure is as simple as possible.

The whole incorporation process can be completed online and we will administer the preparation and filing of all registration forms on your behalf.

Cyprus company incorporation proofProof of Identity

As part of our due diligence we require proof of identity in the form of a passport copy for all directors and shareholders of the company.

Cyprus Company formation travelTravel

There is no requirement to visit Cyprus in order to incorporate or open a corporate bank account.  The bank account service is and additional extra, subject to completion of an application form and acceptable due diligence with a comprehensive business plan.

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