Company Restoration

Companies may be struck off the companies register for a number of reasons. These include if the shareholders choose to dissolve the company, annual document filing requirements have not been adhered to or annual license fees have not been paid. Once a company is struck off the register it is possible to restore and our experience working with jurisdictions from around the world means we can guide you through the process associated with recovering your company. Restoring a company will release company assets, such as property and frozen bank accounts, and ultimately register the company back into the companies register that allows trading to continue. If a company is struck off due to late filing or non-compliance regarding accounting documents or annual returns we can assist not only with the restoration process but with preparing these documents for the registrar.

Outline of Restoration Fees

Below you will find estimated restoration fees for our most popular jurisdictions, these fees may differ depending on the circumstances surrounding dissolution.

Country Administrative Restoration Fee Court Restoration Fee
Bahamas £2855 £6630
Belize £3625 £4700
British Virgin Islands £3250 £6750
Gibraltar £2500 £3500
Ireland £820 £2625
Hong Kong £3920 N/A
Panama £2770 N/A
UK £1085 £2890


Administrative Company Restoration

Administrative restoration allows the company registry to restore a dissolved company without authorisation from the courts. Companies can only qualify for an Administrative restoration if they have been struck off for a certain period of time, the qualifying time period is dependent on the country they were registered.

Court Order Company Restoration

A company will require a court company restoration if it has passed the dissolved period allowed by the country registry to qualify for an Administrative Restoration, or it does not fit the criteria to qualify. The completion time for a court order company restoration is far greater due to court appearances required and filing requirements.

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