Company Restoration

Companies may be struck off the register for a number of reasons, amongst the most common being annual  filings have not been adhered to or annual license fees have not been paid.  Once a company is struck off the register it is possible to have it restored. Our experience in working with registries around the world means we can guide you through the restoration process.  Restoring a company will not only release company assets, such as property and frozen bank accounts but also allows trading to continue. If a company is struck off due to late filings or non-compliance we can assist not only with the restoration process but with preparation of  the outstanding documents to bring the company back into good standing.

Outline of Restoration Fees

Below you will find estimated restoration fees for our most popular jurisdictions, these fees may differ depending on the circumstances surrounding dissolution.

CountryAdministrative Restoration FeeCourt Restoration Fee
The British Virgin Islands£3250£6750

Administrative Company Restoration

Administrative restoration allows the company registry to restore a dissolved company without authorisation from the courts. Administrative restoration is subject to time restrictions,  the qualifying time period is dependent on the country of registration.

Court Order Company Restoration

A company will require a court company restoration if it has passed the time period allowed to qualify for an Administrative Restoration, or it does not fit the criteria to qualify. Court restorations take longer due to the waiting time for a court date.

Restoration Enquiry

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Company Restoration

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