UK Ready Made Company

UK Ready Made Companies

All our ready made companies are already incorporated with neutral names, they have never traded and are available for immediate transfer.

The company name on aged companies can be changed for no additional charge, if required to your own choice of name the same day.



Company NameIncorporation DateFee

UK Ready Made Companies Registered 2022

Streamers Ltd

May 2022£200

Cosmic Start Ltd

May 2022£200

Study Capital Ltd

Apr 2022£200





Company NameIncorporation DateFee

UK Aged Ready Made Companies – Registered 2006

Amazing Pictures LtdJul 2006£2000

UK Aged Ready Made Companies – Registered 2003/2004

Chancer LtdJul 2003£2400
A-Z Vitamins LtdAug 2003£2400
Aloe LtdSep 2003£2400
April Fool LtdApr 2003£2400
Astro View LtdSep 2003£2400
August Trading LtdSep 2003£2400
Auto Industries LtdSep 2003£2400
Auto Team LtdSep 2003£2400
Beauty Edge LtdSep 2003£2400
Beech Assets LtdDec 2003£2400
Cambria 50 LtdAug 2003£2400
Cannabis LtdAug 2003£2400
Casano LtdJul 2003£2400
Cricket UK LtdAug 2003£2400
Digital Door LtdSep 2003£2400
Digital Radio Systems LtdSep 2003£2400
Eclips Retailers LtdSep 2003£2400
Fix Your PC LtdDec 2003£2400
Fossil Revolution LtdSep 2003£2400
Global News LtdAug 2003£2400
Green One LtdDec 2003£2400
Hazel Invest LtdDec 2003£2400
Laser Pen LtdAug 2003£2400
Mailpoint LtdAug 2003£2400
Money Owl LtdSep 2003£2400
Overseas Sales LtdSep 2003£2400
Pax Service LtdJul 2003£2400
Planet Capital LtdJul 2003£2400
Satellite Ventures LtdMar 2004£2400
Snooke LtdAug 2003£2400
See Hear LtdSep 2003£2400
Solar Capital LtdSep 2003£2400
Solar Prism LtdAug 2003£2400
Star Studios LtdDec 2003£2400
Teal Edge LtdDec 2003£2400
Train First LtdJul 2003£2400
Capital Sound LtdAug 2003£2400
Game Works LtdAug 2003£2400
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