Adana-Yumurtalık Free Trade Zone

The Adana-Yumurtalık zone is established on an area of 4.8 millionsquare meters, on the Iskenduner Bay coast.

can incorporate your Turkish company within 10 days and assist with
obtaining a free trade operating licence in the Adana-Yumurtalık Free
Trade Zone.

This site offers close contact to three continents
and provides great facilities to reach the Middle East, North African
and EU markets.

Activities which can be carried out in the Adana-Yumurtalık Free Trade Zone include:

  • Trade
  • Banking and Insurance
  • Rentals
  • Production
  • Storage
  • Engineering
  • Other

The Adana-Yumurtalık FTZ is established and operated by the private sector. The land is provided by the Turkish government.

Adana-Yumurtalık Advantages

  • The Adana Yumurtalik Free Trade Zone is exempt from all taxes
    associated with business operations such as Corporate Tax as well as VAT
  • Close proximity to international trade routes – the site is located close to three continents
  • 100% foreign investment allowed
  • Foreign trade regulation are not applicable between Adana-Yumurtalik and other countries or Free Trade Zones
  • Low labour costs within the zone permitted due to exemption from income tax on salaries and wages
  • Gateway for import and export activities

Operating Licence Application Procedure for Adana-Yumurtalik

  • We incorporate your Limitet Þirket company in Turkey
  • We then complete your Free Trade Zone Operating Licence Application
    Form and deposit you application fee with the Central Bank of Turkey
  • We submit your application form to be assessed by the Free Trade
    Zone Founder and Operator (TAYSEB) and the Undersecretariat of Foreign
    Trade (UFT) General Directorate of Free Trade Zones
  • A lease agreement will be made with the Free Trade Zone Founder and Operator (TAYSEB)
  • We apply to the UFT General Directorate Of Free Trade Zones with your lease agreement
  • You receive your Operating Licence and can start business immediately within the Adana-Yumurtalik FTZ