Kayseri Free Trade Zone

The Kayseri Free Trade Zone is in the Central Anatolia Region. It was founded and is operated by Kayser. The foreign trade potential of the Kayseri Free Trade Zone had increased due to intensive industrialization within the zone in recent years.

We can incorporate your Turkish company and assist with obtaining a free trade operating licence for the Kayseri Free Trade Zone (FTZ).


  • Free Trade Zone earnings and revenues can be transferred to any country, including Turkey, freely without any prior permission.
  • The validity period of an operating licence is maximum 10 years for
    tenant users, and 20 years for users who wish to build their own
    working spaces in the zone; If the operating licence is for production,
    these terms are 15 and 30 years for tenant users and investors,
  • The goods can remain in the zones without any time limit.
  • There is no limitation on the proportion of foreign capital participation in investment within the Free Trade Zones.
  • In contrast to most Free Trade Zones in the world, sales into the
    domestic market are allowed. Trade conducted between Turkish Free Trade
    Zones and Turkey is subject to foreign trade regime. (Sales to the
    domestic market is subject to a fee of 0.5 % of the transaction value.)
  • Currencies used in the zone are convertible foreign currencies dealt by the Central Bank of Turkey.
  • Infrastructure of the Turkish Free Trade Zones is competitive with international standards.
  • All ports from the region , the international highway, railway,
    transport and recreation centres can be obtained easily and cheaply
  • Outdoor and Indoor with very low rental fees can be made.
  • Free region for investment from abroad were brought to the factory in
    all machinery, tools and instruments such as the age limit has not been
    looking at are exempt from customs duties and KDV.
  • As the region with its important geographical location in connection
    with the countries of the world, as well as Russia, CIS, Middle East,
    Mediterranean and North African markets because of its proximity to the
    centre is located

Main Business Activities

  • Trading
  • Warehouse management
  • Assembly – disassembly
  • Maintenance
  • Office rental
  • Merchandising
  • Packaging
  • Banking
  • Insurance
  • Leasing

Application Procedure

  • We incorporate your Limitet Þirket company in Turkey
  • We complete your Free Trade Zone Operating Licence Application Form
  • Your application fee is then deposited with the Central Bank of Turkey
  • We submitted your application form which is then assessed by the Free
    Trade Zone Founder and Operator (DENSER) and the Undersecretariat of
    Foreign Trade (UFT) General Directorate of Free Trade Zones
  • A lease agreement is then made with the Free Trade Zone Founder and Operator (DENSER)
  • We apply to the UFT General Directorate Of Free Trade Zones with your lease agreement
  • You receive your Operating Licence and can start business in the Kayseri Free Trade Zone