Thank you for your question

We would really like to answer your questions and help you but it is not related to the incorporation of a company.

We cannot give general advice on company law, company tax, visas or corporate governance, because these questions require more information than you have provided.

We are unable to give tax or corporate advice, unless it specifically relates to a company we have incorporated and you are an existing client of ours.

We offer assistance and advice relating to company formation matters from the moment you choose to incorporate and for the life of your company.

If you have incorporated a company with us , please let us know the company name, and will do our  best assist you.



Maureen Caveley | General Manager

Still Need Answers?

If you require answers to a complicated question one of our specialist advisors can answer your question for a fixed fee of £100. This is refundable against the cost of any incorporation.

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