Nevada Limited Liability Company (LLC) (IBC) Company Formation

Nevada is an attractive jurisdiction in which to incorporate as sales tax applies only to products sold within Nevada and, unlike many other US states, there is no Corporate Income Tax, no Corporate Franchise Tax and no Corporation Succession Tax. Furthermore, the relaxed reporting standards meaning companies registered in Nevada are not required to file annual accounts.

  • Company Name

    Company names must be unique and not deceptively similar to other company names registered in Nevada. We are able to check that your proposed company name is appropriate. LLC company names must end with ‘Limited Liability Company’, ‘Limited Company’ or appropriate abbreviation such as ‘LLC’ or ‘LC’. The word ‘Limited’ alone may not be used. Certain words such as Bank, Mortgage and Loan require approval from the Department of Financial Regulation.

  • Registered Agent

    Companies require a registered agent and a registered office where the Secretary of State and other official parties may send legal documents. Companies are not obliged to have their registered office in Nevada. If the company’s registered office is in Nevada you may act as your own registered agent, however, if it is outside of Nevada we can provide you with a resident agent as part of our Corporate Administration Package.

  • Directors

    Only one director of any nationality or residency is required to incorporate in Nevada. Company director registers must be filed with the authorities.

  • Shareholders

    Only a single shareholder is required and there is no nationality restriction. For C Corporations shareholders may be of any residency but S Corporations require a resident shareholder. Shareholder registers must be filed with the State Authorities.

  • Share Capital

    There is no minimum share capital requirement to incorporate in Nevada.

  • Filing Requirements

    There are no requirements to keep company accounts or file annual financial statements. If a company chooses to keep accounting records these may be kept anywhere in the world.

  • Timescale

    Once we have received all the required documentation and approved the company name the incorporation process is complete in approximately three to four days.

  • Fees

    Nevada Company Formation – £1000

    Provision of Registered Office – £380

    Shareholder & Directors Register Maintenance – £170

  • Proof of Identity

    As part of our due diligence we require proof of identity in the form of a passport copy for all directors and shareholders of the company.

  • Travel

    There is no need to visit Nevada in order to incorporate your company.

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