Costa Rica Gambling

It is permitted for businesses to conduct gambling activities from Costa Rica provided that you obtain:

  • A Costa Rican Corporation
  • Registration with the tax authorities – Administración Tributaria
  • A Data Processing License (DPL) , which we can assist with from the local government authorities
  • In practice, you do not require a license for gaming online, but you do require a data processing license

Incorporation process for gaming company in Costa Rica

Incorporation of a Costa Rica Company for Gaming. This entity is a S.R.L. (Sociedad de Responsabilidad Limitada)

Main characteristics are it is authorised for gaming in its bylaws, limited liability, offshore tax exempt, low maintenance and operated by a single director

Annual Corporations Tax is paid every January. This is a flat tax. A data processing License is required.

Data Processing License – DPL

There is legislation to restrict land based gambling, but according to the legal system these laws are not interpreted as extending to internet gambling.

As no specific license is required, these gambling corporations work under a DPL . Formacompany can obtain this license; we will register the corporation and obtain the permits in all governmental institutions required, and fulfil any other specific requirement.

Once this is done we obtain the legal DPL in the name of the corporation so the client is sure that his company will have no impediments.

The requirements to obtain the license are:

  • Power of attorney authorising Formacompany to process the license
  • A Costa Rican Corporation
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