Starting a Business in the Czech Republic

We are specialists in Czech company incorporations, we can incorporate your limited company- the Spolecnost s Rucenim Omezenym, the company formation procedure normally takes two weeks.

Timescale to incorporate a Czech company

You do not have to visit the Czech Republic to incorporate, papers will need to be legalised at the Czech embassy or consulate. We often advise you to acquire a ready-made company.

Company Directors

Director (Jednatel) nationality

A director can be of any nationality. However, an non-EU national needs to comply with some visa requirements in order to be appointed as a director.

Minimum number of directors

Only one director is required

Rules are as follows for Directors

  •  For a non-EU/EEA resident or citizen, he needs a criminal record check document from the country of citizenship and from the Czech Republic. (even though the client has probably never lived in the Czech Republic)
  • There are no restrictions on the nationality of Czech companies directors
  • There are no business visas for these people to actually run the company

Resident director

There is no requirement to appoint a local resident director


Shareholders nationality

The shareholder can be any nationality

Minimum number of shareholders

Only one shareholder is required

Corporate shareholders

The shareholder can be a Corporation

Nominee shareholders

Nominee shareholders are allowed.

Resident shareholders

It is not a requirement to appoint a local resident shareholder

Shareholder confidentiality

The names of shareholders do appear on public records.

Capital & Financials

Share capital

The standard share capital is minimal

Share capital currencies

Shares are denominated in Czech Crowns.

Company Secretary

There is no requirement for a company secretary

Maintaining company records in the Czech Republic

The company does not have to keep records in Czech Republic If the company chooses to keep records they can be kept anywhere in the world.

Accounts or financial statements filing

Full accounts need to be filed with the the Commercial Registry and with the tax authorities.

Company taxes on profits

A Czech company is subject to corporation tax at 20%. There is a withholding tax of 15% payable on dividends paid by Czech companies, with the exception of payments to other Czech companies, and subject to the European rules which exempt many payments to companies in other EU states.

Ready made limited company in the Czech Republic

We have a stock of ready made companies in good standing and they can be transferred the same day at the notary’s office.

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