Estonia OÜ Company Incorporation

The Private Limited Company (OÜ) is the most common form of company formation in Estonia and the easiest solution for the projects with a small number of owners and employees. This form of a trading company is attractive because of its low requirement of share capital and a relatively easy management system. A private limited company can be founded by one or several people, or by a company.

  • Timescale

    A new Estonian OU incorporation takes about 3 weeks, however ready made companies are available to trade immediately.

  • Director

    Only one director of any nationality is required to incorporate your OÜ company. Although it is required that the company has a resident person/point of contact within Estonia. If required we can assist with a point of contact.

  • Shareholders

    Only one shareholder of any nationality is required to incorporate an OÜ in Estonia. Corporate Shareholders are permitted in Estonia, but we would not recommend them as they may hinder you in obtaining a cryptocurrency license.

  • Management Board

    The management board directs the companies activities. It can be made up of one or several members who do not have to be shareholders. At least one half of the management board must be resident in Estonia, any other EEA member country or Switzerland.

  • Share Capital


    The minimum share capital of €12,000 is required to incorporate an OU. The share capital must be submitted in order for the Estonia company formation application to be processed.


  • Registered Office

    All Estonian businesses need a registered office in Estonia, where the authorities can send official letters and claims, as well as where control of the tax forms is executed. All financial and fiscal documents, registers, company papers etc. must be kept at the registered office of the business. We can provide a registered office for our clients.

  • Travel

    A director or a representative must be present to sign the incorporation documents with a notary. To complete the Estonian Company Formation we suggest a visit to Estonia. We can assist to make sure that the visit is quick and simple with all documents being signed in one day.