This is the preferred method to obtain a German GmbH company and on receipt of documents takes 1-2 weeks. A ready made company will be beneficial if a company is required urgently, for instance if a company registration number is needed immediately in order to complete an important contract.

Our German GmbH ready made companies have been properly registered with the respective Trade Register, and incorporated in compliance with German law. The bank account already exists for the ready made company and is transferred to the new owners.

Advantages of a Ready Made Company

  • You can own a pre-registered GmbH(limited liability company) within 1-2 weeks
  • You can use the tax benefit of your GmbH immediately
  • You can save unnecessary time spent with local authorities and bureaucracy
  • Any ready made company can be used in any field of business and throughout all of Germany

At the time of sale, the ready made GmbH companies have never carried on any business activities whatsoever and are completely free of liabilities to third parties.

Procedure for acquiring a Germany ready made company

  • You may need to examine the statutes already in place and advise us of any necessary changes needed
  • You need to decide the new GmbH name, a new registered office address and any other change you want in the company statutes, so that a notary can prepare an amendment to the company documents
  • A corporate meeting takes place at the notary’s office where the old management is voted out and the new one is voted in, the shares are transferred and changes in the statutes are made. You will then be the owner of a company that is legally ready to start business
  • The new management registers the statute changes at the Chamber of Commerce and Industry

Appointing the new Directors

The company directors will be changed from our staff directors to your directors and all the formation documents such as the Certificate of Incorporation, Memorandum and Articles of Association of the company and the relevant Company Secretarial Forms are also immediately available.

You will need to sign a document confirming our resignation and appointing yourself as the new director. Alternatively you can sign a Power of Attorney instructing us to sign the document on your behalf.

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