Gibraltar Incorporation Guidance

Gibraltar Key points

  • Time – 5 days to incorporate your company
  • Directors – only one director of any nationality is necessary for your company
  • Shareholders – only one shareholder is required
  • Share Capital – the standard authorised share capital is only £2000
  • A Gibraltar company must have a company secretary
  • Support – using our 20 years experience we guide you throughout every step of the company formation process

Directors, Shareholders & Secretaries

Every year accounts and annual returns are filed. If you never want a record of shareholders to be on public record then, you can appoint us as Nominee Shareholders for your Gibraltar company.

Gibraltar companies must have a minimum of one director.

Gibraltar companies needs a company secretary.

Sole directors cannot act as company secretary.

Legalising documents for your company

Many companies will wish to have bank accounts outside Gibraltar, or will wish to sign public documents with a notary on behalf of the company.

For this, you will require a Certificate of Good Standing for your company, stating the directors and (if required) the shareholders of the company.

For a company to be in good standing, it needs to be up to date in filing company accounts, filing annual returns, and having directors, secretaries and a registered address in accordance with the Gibraltar Companies (Accounts) Ordinance.

What we can assist you with:

  • Getting a certificate of good standing for your company
  • Getting an apostille for use outside Gibraltar
  • Any work needed to get your company in good standing – including preparation of accounts in accordance with the Ordinance, and filing the annual return

Share capital

The standard share capital is GBP £2000 and there is no minimum share capital., and can be expressed in any currency. There is no minimum issued share capital, but two shares must be issued, and these shares must have a nominal value.

Double Taxation Treaties

Gibraltar has no double taxation treaties or exchange controls.

Company Secretary

All Gibraltar companies must have a Company Secretary

Maintaining company records in Gibraltar

A statutory book must be held at the Registered Office of your company

Shelf Companies

We have a stock of ready made companies in good standing, and they can be transferred upon the submission of the compliance information that we require.

We are on hand to answer any questions you may have, without charge and without any obligation.

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