Germany Certificate of Good…


Germany Certificate of Good Standing (HRB Certificate)


Germany Certificate of Good Standing – HRB Certificate

Price: £460

Germany Certificate of Good Standing Timescale: Email copies sent  4 – 5 working day | Courier depends on location

Delivery: PDF copies sent via email | Originals copies sent via courier

The German registrar cannot provide a Certificate of Good Standing as it does not exist in Germany, but the Handelsregistereintragung can provide an HRB Certificate that serves a similar purpose. An HRB Certificate contains the current information of the company including:

  •  the date issued
  • the company name
  • company registration number (HRB number)
  • registered office
  • business address
  • branches of the company
  • business activity
  • directors

The certificate can be supplied electronically from the Handelsregistereintragung. The certificate can be Apostilled by the German court if required.

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