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Germany Certificate of Good Standing (HRB Certificate)


Germany Certificate of Good Standing (HRB Certificate)


Germany Certificate of Good Standing – HRB Certificate

The German registrar cannot provide a Certificate of Good Standing as it does not exist in Germany, but the Handelsregistereintragung can provide an HRB Certificate that serves a similar purpose. An HRB Certificate contains the current information of the company including:

  •  the date issued
  • the company name
  • company registration number (HRB number)
  • registered office
  • business address
  • branches of the company
  • business activity
  • directors

The certificate can be supplied electronically from the Handelsregistereintragung. The certificate can be Apostilled by the German court if required.


Scanned copy sent through once drafted and certified by the Germany registry, then a hard copy sent by courier.

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