Malta Memorandum and Articles…


Malta Memorandum and Articles of Association


Malta Memorandum and Articles of Association

Price: £360

Malta Memorandum and Articles of Association Timescale: Email copies sent 7  – 10 days working day | Courier depends on location.

Delivery: PDF copies sent via email | Originals copies sent via courier

We can also supply an official copy of the Malta company’s Articles of Association, issued under the Malta Companies Act.

The Memorandum of Association specify the goals for which the company is registered and include:

  • The company name
  • The registered office of the Malta company
  • The company’s objectives
  • The authorised share capital of the company
  • The number of shares taken up by each of the subscribers and the amount paid up in respect of each share and, where the share capital is divided into different classes of shares, the rights attaching to the shares of each class
  • The address and name of the first directors along with the number of other directors
  • If a director is a corporate body, the name and registered office of the body.
  • The first company secretary name and address
  • The total amount or an estimate of all the costs payable by the chargeable or company to it by reason of its formation up to the time it is authorised to commence business.

The Articles of Association are filed with the Maltese Registry of Companies and set out the internal regulations for the management of a Maltese company.


Scanned copy sent through once drafted and certified by the Malta registry. Then sent by Courier.

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