Seychelles Certificate of Good…


Seychelles Certificate of Good Standing


Seychelles Certificate of Good Standing

Price: £180

Seychelles Certificate of Good Standing  Timescale: Email copies sent within 2 – 4 working day | Courier depends on location

Delivery: PDF copies sent via email | Originals copies sent via courier

We can supply a Certificate of Good Standing from the Seychelles Financial Services Authority certifying the company is in Good Standing.

The Seychelles certificate of good standing certifies the following points:

  • The Company was incorporated under the Seychelles International Business Act, 1994.
  • The Company remains on the Seychelles Register of the International Business Companies and that the Company has paid all penalties due and licence fees since incorporation.
  • An Article of Merger or Consolidation has not been submitted by the company.
  • An Article of Arrangement has not yet been submitted by the company.
  • The Company is not currently being dissolved or wound-up.
  • The company is not in the process of being struck from the Register.
  • That the register believes the Company is in good legal standing.

The Seychelles Financial Services Authority provides the document along with an official stamp, seal and registrars signature.

If a Seychelles certificate of Good Standing cannot be provided as the company is not in good standing the register will supply a certificate of Official Search.

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