Seychelles Registered Agent

Seychelles Registered Agent



Company Name: _______________

Registered Number: _______________


I, the undersigned being a Director of the
above named company declare as follows:


  1. It is resolved that _______________ be and is hereby appointed
    registered agent of _______________ and that the appointment
    of the current registered agent, is hereby
  2. It is hereby resolved that the Registered Office of ____________ be changed to _______________.
  3. It is further resolved that _______________ be authorised and instructed to prepare, sign and submit the extract of the present resolution to the registrar to give effect to the change of Registered Office and Registered Agent.


There being no further business to transact and upon motion duly made the meeting was adjourned.



Director of: _______________

dated: _______________

Seychelles Transfer of Registered Agent

  • The beneficial owner of the company must sign a written consent whereby he wishes for the change of Registered Agent & Office to our Agent, once this is signed then a copy must be send to the current agent and a copy to us.
  • The current agent must give us their consent that they accept this change and prepare the resolution reflecting the change and send scanned copies to us.
  • Please advise who shall file the extract with SIBA, our Agent or your current Agent, if our Agent then upon receiving the consent and resolution from the current agent, we would file all the necessary extracts to SIBA.
  • Please advise us if your company is in good standing.
  • There is a cost of filing the documents with SIBA per company, there must be no outstanding fees with your current Seychelles agent.
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