Company Restoration Requirements

We can take care of all the formalities associated with the restoration of your UK limited company.

To restore a company to the Register by court order this has to be supported an Affidavit, witness statement, signed by a member or creditor giving details about the company and why the defaults have occurred.

A list of the information that we require follows and once this is available together with a copy of the Memorandum and Articles of Association and Certificate of Incorporation we can prepare the appropriate forms for restoration.

We will need the following documents and information:

  • Company name to be restored
  • Company registration number
  • Copy of Certificate of Incorporation and any other certificates issued (change of name)
  • Copy of the company statutes
  • Detail on trading activity of the Company
  • Why the company was struck off
  • For what purpose and intentions do you need the company restored
  • Details of the indebtedness of the dissolved company with evidence of that indebtedness
  • Copy of latest confirmation statement
  • Name and address of the company officer who is requesting the restoration
  • Details of issued share capital
  • Details of the last accounts filed at Companies House
  • London Gazette notice showing the company has been dissolved
  • Name of the individual who will sign the affidavit – please note they must have been a shareholder and officer of the company at the time it was struck off
  • Shareholder details
  • Affidavit or evidence statement prepared on the basis of information supplied
  • Outstanding accounts prepared for the Inland Revenue and details of any correspondence with the Revenue
  • We will obtain any of the above if you do not have the originals and prepare and file any outstanding documents

Please complete our company restoration form to enquire about restoring your company.

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