Procedure – Restoration of a Company Incorporated in England

UK Company Restoration Fees

Your company ceases to legally exist when it is dissolved at the UK register at Companies House. There are two methods to restore UK limited companies either by Administrative Restoration or by Court Order.

UK Administrative Restoration – where the company has been struck off by the registrar

Our service fee is to deal with the company restoration for you, there will also be disbursements of:

  • Companies House Fee – We deal with everything for you including advising on requirements of Companies House and preparing the required statement of compliance
  • Treasury Solicitors Fee in dealing with the Bona Vacantia Division
  • Late filing penalties – relating to accounts that were overdue for filing at the date the company was struck off
  • Preparation and filing of outstanding documents

Companies House Restoration Fees

Once the application for restoring your company has been approved we will continue to monitor and advise you of the progress and provide you with confirmation when your company has been restored.

Once restored, to bring your UK company into Good Standing,  outstanding confirmation statements and accounts will be filed

UK Company Restoration by Court Order

A Court Order Restoration is required where the company has been dissolved voluntarily – normally by the officers of the UK limited company.

Once the Court Order is issued the company can be  restored by the registrar to either continue trading  or to recover assets.

Fees and Penalties

The Treasury Solicitor will usually agree to an application subject to undertakings being given to remedy the default e.g. by filing updated accounts.

Legal Costs & Expenses for a UK Company Restoration by Court Order

  • Obtain a Company Search
  • Obtaining and perusing relevant filings and various related documents
  • Drafting and completing the documents necessary for the application
  • Drafting the restoration order
  • Serving documents and communicating with on the Registrar of Companies
  • Advertisement – if required
  • Filing the application with the Court
  • Disbursements or Expenses:
  • Outstanding fee for manual filing of confirmation statements
  • Penalty for late filings and other penalties on accounts
  • Court filing fees
  • Filing fees to the Companies Registry on the restoration application

Company Directors and Shareholders

When your UK company is restored, the previous Directors, Company Secretary, Shareholders and Registered Office are automatically assumed to have continue

If you need to discuss your situation, please contact us directly.

We shall be happy to advise you of the best course of action and give you a more accurate idea of the cost applicable to your specific circumstances. 

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