BVI Company Restoration

BVI Company Restoration

If your BVI company is in Strike Off or has been dissolved we can assist you with having it restored to the Companies Register. To restore the company  to good standing and continue trading you need to bring the companies filings up-to-date and pay any outstanding government fees. There are two different procedures to bring the company back into good standing , depending whether or not it is in Strike Off or Dissolved.   

BVI Procedure for Strike Off removal

If the company is in Strike Off , there is a period of 90 days to rectify the outstanding items and bring the company back to good standing.  

A successful application requires the following documents :

  • The application must be made within 90 days of the strike off notice.
  • Copy of a company search from the BVI Registry of Corporate Affairs showing Strike Off status
  • Copy of the incurred Penalties and outstanding Government Fees
  • Copy of the Certificate of Incorporation
  • Copy of the Directors register filed
  • Copy of the Memorandum & Articles
  • Copy of the Members register
  • Impression of the Company Seal
  • Payment all outstanding government fees and any associated fines.

If the company has been in Strike Off for over 90 days the company is dissolved with the agents automatic resignation . An application to the BVI Court will be required to restore.

BVI Court Restoration

Restoring a BVI company that has been dissolved will require authorisation from the Commercial  Courts.

An application to the court must be made within a 5 year period following the dissolution of the company.

Court Order restorations require the same documentation as strike off procedure plus additional legal fees, which are:

  • Payment of Financial Services Commission legal costs
  • Filing at High Court Registry
  • Attending Court hearing
  • Lawyers Fees
  • Additional Fines

After 5 years of being dissolved a company cannot be restored to the BVI Register and all assets are ceased by the BVI government.

After the application is made to the Court and the order granted, the Corporate Registry will indicate the amount of renewal and penalty fees owing in order to bring the company into Good Standing, and once that amount is settled a Certificate of Restoration will be issued.

Inactive or Strike Off

A company that fails to pay its licence fee when due  will incur a 10% penalty, after 3 months from the due date the penalty increases by 50%. Six months from the licence due date the company will be in Strike Off.

If your BVI company has unpaid Government fee it will have an Inactive Status at the Registry of Corporate Affairs.  The company is not in Good Standing, but is not yet in Strike Off.  Your company must pay its licence fee and the appropriate penalties in order for it to be in good standing.

Whilst your company is inactive or Strike Off:

  • No Certificate of Good Standing or Certificate of Incumbency can be issued.
  • No filings can be made with the BVI Registry.
  • Neither the company nor any directors or shareholders may carry on any business or in any way deal with the assets or affairs of the company.
  • It does not affect the liability of any of its shareholders and directors. Nor does it prevent the company from incurring liabilities, or any creditor from making a claim against the company.

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