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The UK Companies Act 2006 – A practical guide

With the final phase of the Companies Act, the changes are now beginning to have some real affect.

Registered Office Service

We can act as your Registered Office – This is the official address of your Company. The Registered Office is an office in the jurisdiction of incorporation where all official correspondence is sent to. We can act as your Registered Office:

  • A Registered Office needs to be occupied, so that the post that arrives for you can be forwarded to you promptly. You need to react to correspondence which is sent from the tax authorities and from the company registry.
  • The Registered Office needs to be a physical office. In most jurisdictions, a postbox does not count as a physical address.

In some jurisdictions there are stricter requirements about what can be accepted as a Registered Office. For these jurisdictions, you need to talk to us.

  • In some jurisdictions you need to demonstrate that you have a right to use premises, which could include a rental contract.
  • In some jurisdictions you need to have premises adequate for the purpose of the business.

Where the legislation of a country makes the provision of a registered office service difficult, we are able to advise you, and get the best solution for your business.

Company Secretary

Companies are advised to have at least two officers. UK Company Secretaries Ltd will act as your Company Secretary or as a Joint Company Secretary to ensure you are compliant with the Company legislation of the country of incorporation.

After the Incorporation of your Company and the issue of your Certificate of Incorporation, the following are important duties :

  • Complete the Register of Shareholders and keep at the Registered Office.
  • Write up the following registers and keep at the Registered Office:Register of Directors, Register of Secretaries, Register of Directors’ interests.
  • Hold the first meeting of directors.
  • Consider whether the financial year-end (accounting reference date) is to be 31st Dec/31st March or some other date
  • Ensure that the company’s name is fixed conspicuously and legibly outside every place where it carries on business.
  • Ensure that the company’s stationery shows all the necessary legal and other details.

Nominee Shareholder

We will hold shares on your behalf as nominees thereby hiding the beneficial ownership of the company.

The shares belong to you, but we have our name on them. Your rights to these shares are protected, as the shares are deemed to be held under a Resulting Trust, with beneficial ownership belonging to you.

For added security, we can produce a Declaration of Trust document, which you can file with your personal records. We can advise you on this, and tailor your requirements to your company, and to the country of incorporation.

Bank Account

We offer a business bank account opening service. Once the account is opened, you are provided with the account number, sort code and cheque book, after which you can apply for credit card, debit card, ATM and/or internet banking services. Bank account can be opened in the following currencies: Euros, Sterling and US Dollars.

Certificate of Good Standing – Apostille & Authentication

Foreign governments may request bearers of documents to have them authenticated – legalised.

Accounting Services

We have qualified accountants trained in various countries in our team. We can produce UK, Spanish, Irish accounts in accordance with accounting standards applicable in those countries, giving you personal contact with professional staff during the process of preparing the accounts.

In addition we have considerable expertise in accountancy compliance in other jurisdictions, in accordance with Generally Accepted Accounting Practices (GAAP’s) in those jurisdictions. We offer a service tailored to the needs of the individual client. The first consultation is without charge and in the strictest confidence.

Telephone Answering Service

We can now provide your business with a 24 Hours, 7 Days a week Pay As You Go answering service – a cost effective Call Answering facility for when you are not available.

Mail Forwarding Service

Our Registered Office facility provides a basic mail forwarding service, intended to deal with routine Company Registry and Inland Revenue official mail.


An Apostille certificate authenticates the signature of the public official who has signed the document in your home state.

Formacompany Annual Company Maintenance Service

Our Annual Company maintenance fee includes the following services for our clients:

Registered Office services in the UK

We will make the following address available to be used as the Registered Office of your company: 11 Church Road, Great Bookham, Surrey, KT23 3PB.

Act as Tax Agent

Formacompany will act as your UK based Tax Agent. Formacompany will represent your company and deal with HM Revenue & Customs dealing with all corporation taxation and filing requirements.

Corporation Tax Software

We can ensure you file your corporate tax in order to comply with the UK company regulations.

Company Secretary

Companies are advised to have at least two officers. We will act as your Company Secretary or as a Joint Company Secretary to ensure you are compliant with the Company legislation.

Companies House – Proof System

We will sign you up for the Companies House electronic means of signing companies up to PROOF via the WebFiling service.

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