Directors’ Service Address

Since October 2009 directors and company secretaries may use a service address which is different from their home address for the purposes of the public record.

The service address can be any address, provided it is possible to physically serve documents and, where required, to acknowledge delivery.

We offer a service address facility which satisfies the above requirements and our involvement as service address will help:

  • Protect privacy of a director’s or secretary’s home address
  • Achieve a greater degree of separation between work and home
  • Preserve independence from the company, particularly important for non-executive directors given correspondence they might receive from shareholders and on other confidential matters
  • Reduce the volume of junk mail received at home
  • Make better use of a director’s or secretary’s time as, unless requested otherwise, we will filter correspondence received and only forward official correspondence
  • Ensure matters are dealt with in a timely fashion, as, if official documents are formally served at our office in person or are received by special delivery or courier, we will ensure they are forwarded confidentially without delay

This facility is available to directors on an individual basis or to all the directors of a given company.

This service is for directors wanting to keep their residential address confidential and not on the public register.

Any filing of a director’s details for incorporations now has to include both the director’s usual residential address and, for each directorship, a service address. The service address will be on the public record; the residential address will be protected information. A director may choose to use his residential address as his service address in which case it will be available on the public register.

If a director does not wish their residential address to show they may use our Directors’ service address. Benefits include protecting your residential address from being shown on the public register.

Services included:

  • Use of our office address
  • Your director’s service address is updated at Companies House to show our address
  • Your director’s statutory mail forwarded
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