Due Diligence

As required by the Financial Services Commission we are required to know our clients and have copies of various documents to be able to incorporate a new company. The guidelines from the Financial Services Commission, which is the regulatory body of our industry, require us know our clients. We are required to obtain information on the directors, shareholders and any beneficial owners.

Due Diligence Questions – to incorporate a company

  • Your full name, address, date of birth and occupation
  • Certified passport copy
  • Proof of residence – utility bill or bank statement less than three months old

Where that the shareholders is a company.

  • Certificate of Incorporation copy
  • Description of the proposed business activities
  • Scanned copy of the passport of the directors
  • Scanned copy of the passport of the shareholders

Part 1 – Personal ID Requirements

Each client must supply one item from part 1 and an item from list 2.

Name Evidence

Full UK Photo Card Driving licencePhotocopy
EU member state national ID cardPhotocopy

Part 2 – Address Evidence

Bank, Building Society or Credit Card statement containing address (less than 3 months old)Original
Gas, electricity or water bill (less than 3 months old)Original
Full UK Photo Card Driving licencePhotocopy
EU member state ID cardPhotocopy

Business ID Requirements

In addition to the above personal identity evidence you will also need to supply a Recent utility bill or statement in the name of the business at the business premises.

For those clients unable to send the originals, copies of these documents certified by a professional person will be accepted.

Professionals accepted to certify Money Laundering documents:

  • UK Lawyer
  • Banker
  • Authorised Financial Intermediary
  • Accountant
  • Teacher
  • Doctor
  • Minister of Religion
  • Embassy, consulate or high commission
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