Poland Ready Made Company

Poland – Ready Made Sp z.o.o Company

As an alternative to incorporating a company we can provide you with a Ready Made Sp z.o.o company. They are available immediately and fully inclusive of all documentation.

Our Ready Made companies have not traded and are maintained to ensure they are in good standing.

Our Ready Made Limited Companies include the following:

  1. Fully incorporated and registered limited liability company
  2. Articles of Association
  3. Registration in company registration court and state statistical office
  4. Transfer documents and new application documents prepared for purchaser
  5. Removal of existing director and appointment of new directors
  6. Court filing and tax office filing of new purchaser information
  7. Share Capital of 5,000 PLN (appx €1,250). Balance on account appx. PLN 100 (appx €25).
  8. Registered Office in Warsaw
  9. Registration for corporate income tax and value added tax
  10. Statistical Office registration (Regon number certificate)
  11. Bank account with major Polish bank
  12. Current accounting records, including all required Court filing and tax office filing
  13. Delivery of documents
  14. Change of company name

Procedure for purchase of a Ready Made company

If the buyer is a company, we require the following information:

  • Full name
  • Registered address
  • Registration details
  • Copy of company registration documents

If buyer is an individual, we require the following information:

  • Full name
  • Residential address
  • First names of parents
  • Copy of Passport
  • Pesel + NIP for Polish nationals

We then require payment in full of the agreed amount for the ready made company.

We prepare the following documents for signature:

  • Power of attorney to be signed by purchaser before notary public
  • Specimen signature form to be signed by new directors before notary public
  • Application forms for the court, tax office and state statistical office


  • Attendance at Polish notary public to sign the share sale agreement
  • Shareholder’s meeting to appoint new directors
  • Payment of stamp duty on transfer
  • Filing court notification
  • Filing bank notification
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